Vision 2030

"We will enable the people with disabilities (PwDs) inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to obtain suitable employment opportunities and education to ensure their benefit and integration as active members of society and provide them with all the facilities and tools that hep them to achieve success and independence."

About Mowaamah

A licensing system is a voluntary option for the enterprises who wish to develop their work environments to be comprehensive and more supportive of people with disabilities by obtaining an authorized certificate.

Certificate’s benefit for institutions

Benefit from 4:1 equation implemented in Nitaqat associated with employing PwDs for entities.

The usage of Mowwamah’s logo by the certified entities on their websites and products.

Honoring the partcipating entities by the Ministry of labor and social development.

Trial test

The following sample questions are provided to have an initial score of your self-assessment and you will be familiar you with the types of questions on the certification.

Get the Certificate
  • 01. Register on the website.

  • 02. Apply for the certificate.

  • 03. Receive the auditor.

  • 04. Get the certificate.

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