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  • What is Mowaamah?
  • Mowaamah is a program through which the facilities are licensed to secure a work environment suitable for people with disabilities. It is a non-obligatory system managed by the Ministry of Human Resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; it strives to enable enterprises aiming to improve their business environments to be more including and supportive of persons with disabilities.

  • Why do I participate in Mowaamah?
  • Mawamaa program was designed to promote increased employment of persons with disabilities in the Saudi labor market, in addition to encouraging mega and large enterprises to obtain the certificate according to the ministerial resolution, and linking their employment of persons with disabilities to Nitaqat Details of the Ministerial Resolution on the following link: https://t.co/2TG694qPAj
  • How do persons with disabilities are counted for in the Mowaamah program?
  • A worker with disabilities is currently counted for four workers in Nitaqat program. Under Ministerial Decision No. (3249) dated 9/3/1438 AH, workers with disabilities were reduced to count for two workers on 1/4/1439 AH, and a year later, workers with disabilities will be reduced count for only one worker if the enterprise does not obtain a Mowaamah certificate for mega and large enterprises only.
  • Which entities are benefiting from Mowaamah?
  • All private sector enterprises in all business.
  • Is my data confidential in Mowaamah?
  • Mowaamah complies with the confidentiality of all information provided by the enterprise in the system and is not authorized to publish or share it with third parties without the permission of the participating enterprise.
  • What are the criteria for obtaining a Mowaamah certificate?
  • To qualify for a Mowaamah certification, eight criteria are required: commitment, knowledge, employment, human resource management, products and services, communication, facilities, and ICT.
  • How long does it take to obtain a Mowaamah certificate?
  • After submitting the application formally and attaching all necessary documents, the team takes approximately two weeks to examine the application, complete all related procedures, and then issue the certificate to the enterprise that met the required standards.
  • What are the registration steps in Mowaamah program?
  • Enterprises aiming to obtain the certificate must fill out their information on the registration page by choosing "Obtaining Certificate" service, and then start the self-assessment procedures, submit all documents, and apply for the certificate
  • Why is there a fee for obtaining Mowaamah certificate? Do fees revenues go to the MHRSD
  • Based on the principle of partnership with the private sector, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development holds the Mowaamah subscriptions fees as charges for external services, such as payments of auditors accredited by the private sector, and none of the fees will go to its treasury, as the Ministry is keen to ensure a work environment compatible with all criteria, through certified and authorized auditors.

  • What is the payment mechanism?
  • Fees are payable through the payment gateway at Mowaamah’s website.
  • How do I request an optional trainer before applying for a Mowaamah certificate?
  • The optional trainer is requested from the induction program page by selecting"Training Request" service. The facility is required to set an appropriate appointment within a minimum of two weeks of applying for a special trainer to be assigned to the facility.
  • What are Mowaamah certificates classifications?
  • Awarding a Mowaamah certificate depends on the degree obtained by the enterprise after been audited by a certified auditor. The following are the types of certificates:

    • Golden rank: starting from 70% and above
    • Silver rank: ranging between 50% - 69%
    • Bronze rank: ranging from 30% - 49%
    • Participant rank: ranging between 15% - 29%


  • What is Mowaamah certificate expiration date?
  • Mowaamah certificate ranked gold, silver or bronze ranks is valid for two years. As for the enterprises that get a participant rank, the certificate is valid for only one year.
  • When should proofs and related documents be attached?
  • Documents must be attached before the audit phase, which is the final stage of the application for a Mowaamah certificate.
  • What is the format and size of attached files?
  • The portal accepts most file formats like "doc", "docx", "pdf", "xls", "xlsx", "png", "gif", "jpg" "avi", "mp4", "wmv", "rar." The maximum file size is 10 MB.
  • What if an enterprise has a compliance rate of less than 15% after the auditor's visit?
  • The facility will not be awarded a Mowaamah certificate and the amounts paid will not be refunded. Non-performing enterprise will need to improve their work environment and re-register to obtain a higher percentage to qualify for the certificate.
  • Is the enterprise entitled to object to the auditor results?
  • The auditor sets the results based on the evidence and proofs provided by the enterprise, and the enterprise is entitled to discuss it with the auditor during the information gathering phase.
  • How is the auditor selected?
  • An enterprise is not permitted to deal with the selected auditor's firm to ensure that the enterprise complies with the terms and criteria of Mowaamah program.
  • How is the result measured?
  • Each section of the PEI is adapted from a certain number of questions. The answers contain three options: "Yes, No, Not Applicable," each "Yes" answer scores one point and " No" answers score zero points, and if the answer is" does not apply," then the answer is erased from the total number of questions.
  • Is Mowaamah certificate fee refundable?
  • All payments are non-refundable.
  • What are the fees required in Mowaamah program?
  • Optional training fees for mega and large enterprises: SR 5000 (without VAT). Optional training fees for medium enterprises: SR 2000 (without VAT). Audit fees for large enterprises audit procedures: SR 25,000 (without VAT). Fees for medium enterprises audit procedures: SR 10,000 (without VAT).
  • How can I get help at any stage of registration?
  • You can send a request for help to the support team, who will contact you to facilitate the procedure and clarify all the necessary matters to approve your request. Contact us on our social media platforms located on the website below, or through the "Contact Us" page.

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