Get the Certificate

Certificate Journey

1. Registration on the website
Registration of your enterprises through the unified entry of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

2. Induction Program
The induction program provides information and guidance for enterprises aiming to obtain a Mowaamah certificate and assist enterprises in training applications.

2.1 Special training
We recommend enterprises request a special training course to learn more about Mowaamah’s standards.

3. Self assessment
Representatives of the enterprise answer 72 questions about their working environment.

4. Evaluation result
The self-assessment report is issued, which explains the outcome of the evaluation, with the possibility of re-evaluation to reach the desired result. Knowing that the evidence supporting the evaluation will be requested.

5. Payment Fees
Enterprises will be required to pay Mowaamah’s subscription fees through a bank transfer.

6. Raise Evidence
The representative of the entity provides evidence supporting the self-assessment answers through the website.

7. Audits
Certified independent auditors will review the evidence provided, and after that they will visit the entity to issue the report, which explains the outcome of the evaluation with proposals for improving the working environment.

8. Certificate
Mowammah’s Certificate will be provided based on the final audit report.

Try it and see for yourself.