About Mowaamah

Mowaamah is part of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development's programs, launched in the implementation of the Kingdom's Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. To provide a suitable working environment for persons with disabilities, according to specific criteria and requirements, enabling the enterprise to obtain the necessary license to employ them.

Mowaamah’s Certification

Mowaamah is a project owned by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development of Saudi Arabia, which adopts the best standards and practices in creating work environments suitable for people with disabilities.

Mowaamah’s Certification Objectives

To raise the awareness of enterprises about the benefits of the work of persons with disabilities.

To Increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

To provide the best ways and practices for enterprises on how to equip work environments that are suitable for people with disabilities.

To benefit from the skills and capabilities of people with disabilities.

Certificate Classfication

Mowaamah’s certificate will be awarded according to the degree of evaluation obtained by the enterprise.

Mowaamah Standards

Commitment 01. Commitment

The enterprise's obligation to apply and promote best practices relating to hiring persons with disabilities internally and externally.

Commitment 02. Communication.

Use appropriate means of communication for all persons with disabilities and update them whenever necessary.

Commitment 03. Knowledge

Train employees to be able to effectively communicate with persons with disabilities as colleagues or as clients and to know their obligations towards them.

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