Take A Quiz

  • The following sample questions are presented to obtain a preliminary degree of self-assessment and to gave the enterprises an idea about the nature of the questions that will be included in the certificate later.
    • Do you have a specific person responsible for the care of persons with disabilities who lead and promote awareness of persons with disabilities in all areas of your business? (At the level of the Board of Directors or its equivalent)
    • Can you provide your best model of acquainting the staff of your commitment to persons with disabilities, including all explanations needed on its pivotal role in your business?
    • Can you provide your best example of any training or instructions provided to colleagues working with persons with disabilities?
    • Do you have a training or orientation plan for employees who work with their colleagues with disabilities?
    • Through your recruitment processes, can you provide the best example of successful employment for a person with disabilities?
    • Can you provide your best example of a revised job description to ensure that core and non-core aspects of the job are explicitly defined?
    • Can you provide the best example of your procedure to adjust the workplace according to the requirements of a staff member with disabilities or an employee who has been disabled?
    • Can you identify the best example of an employee with disabilities who have benefited from training and development opportunities?
    • Can you provide your best example of adjusting a procedure to meet a client with disabilities needs?
    • Do you have a mechanism in place to implement the adjustments requested by any client with disabilities?
    • Do you have arrangements in place to use sign language interpreters from outside the facility to assist people with hearing disabilities?
    • Do you anticipate any needs or requirements of people with hearing and visual disabilities and ensure that they have access to your virtual communications as much as possible? (Including YouTube, videos, and applications)
    • Can you provide your best example of removing a natural barrier to enable people with disabilities to access your facilities?
    • Can you provide the best example of your attention to the needs of a diverse group of people with disabilities when performing adjustments or modifications to their workplace? (Not only those with motor disabilities)
    • Can you provide your best example of providing a disabled employee with a computer or software promptly?
    • Do you allow your employees to personalize your devices? (Such as not blocking access ports in your computer)
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