Self Assessment

An organization at the beginning of its journey can use the self-assessment tool to assess the organization's current level of performance. 

The self-assessment report provides organizations with a starting point for a conversation with colleagues from across the business.

Participating organizations rate themselves against questions that cover all aspects of disability as it affects a business i.e. covering employees, candidates and customers/service users. 

Participating organizations then supply information ​in support of each of these questions.

During the self-assessment exercise, organization are not required to upload the evidence but are required to collect all related evidence in order to understand their current disability confidence level. Once submitted, an automated self-assessment report is generated​, that explains to the company the areas of strengths and weaknesses in each of the eight standards and allows organizations to gauge the score they expect to receive on the certification if they choose to proceed with the Certification process.

After receiving the self-assessment report, organizations are encouraged to implement changes and modifications in their company in order to raise their disability confidence before proceeding to the Certification stage. ​