About "Mowaamah" Certification

In line with the National Transformation Program 2020, Mowaamah was inaugurated to reinforce the Ministry of Labor social development national strategy for persons with disabilities. It aims to fulfill Vision 2030 objectives of enabling persons with disabilities to obtain suitable job opportunities and proper education that secure their independence, integrate them into their society and provide them with all the means for their success.
The Ministry of Labor and Social Development is the owner and the grantor of Mowaamah Certificate in Saudi Arabia, which is an optional certificate awarded -fee included- to enterprises aiming to develop their work environments to be more including and supportive of persons with disabilities by working in those companies and obtaining an admission by this certificate.

Mowaamah certificate is part of "Tawafuq" program for employing persons with disabilities, which strives to support and empower persons with disabilities to work in the private sector.




Mowaamah Certificate’s Benefits

  • Employ "Nitaqat" 4: 1 equation for employees with disabilities, following the program rules and according to the ministerial resolution issued (for mega, large and medium enterprises).
  • Acknowledging participating enterprises by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development (according to specific regulations of which the participants will be informed).
  • Allow enterprises to use Mowaamah certificate’s logo on their products.


Partnership Opportunities

If you are a licensed training entity or accounting firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and are interested in working with us in "Mowaamah" Certification system, please contact us at th e following email address: info@mowaamah.com